Who doesn’t like to settle down with a great book?

One where you can really imagine yourself being in the story?

One where you empathise with the characters emotions and their situations?

One that you put down after the final page and want to read again?

It’s funny how often some people forget all those things when they sit down to promote their own businesses.

They don’t set the scene but get stuck into the nitty gritty. They write the facts from their own perspective. Getting into technical detail about the really clever thinking that’s gone into their product or service. Because they’ve invested time and resource into it.

But very often the reader doesn’t give a flying fiddlestick about any of that.

They just want to know how you can help them solve their problems, and what makes you different from the others.

Well, here’s a thought. Tell them.

And make it very simple.

Don’t make it about you, make it about them.

Show them you are living in their world and that you know what will excite them. Draw them into the plot and help them to see themselves in your story.

Leave them wanting to read it again to check they’ve not missed a single thing. Leave them wanting to get to know you better.

Do you need help to write your story.

If you do, get in touch. We can help you to write it, even the bits that haven’t happened yet.