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Bid Factors helps to create exciting, fresh content for PQQ’s, RFP’s, tenders, proposals, award submissions, websites, and print media.

With 30 years’ public and private sector experience, we’re a reliable partner. Helping small and medium enterprises to prosper, we provide a fresh perspective, expert advice, and hands-on support at exactly the right time. 

Experts in developing effective proposals and improvement strategies, we help businesses to dovetail perfectly with their customers’ needs.

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Our Services

Strategic Analysis

Helping you understand your organisation, your competition, and your target customers.

Business Improvement

Harnessing the power of the people around you, to improve your business.

Bid and Proposal Management

Developing work winning strategies, which get you ahead of the game.

Writing Killer Content

Helping you to develop and write a great story
Experience You Can Rely On

Business is about people. What you do needs to be geared to their needs. It’s that simple!

Your customers, your colleagues, and your suppliers are vital to the success of your organisation, and the key to your growth. It’s important that they understand what you do, why you do it, and the part they play in it all. That means sending out clear messages that really resonate with your target audience. From internal newsletters to bids for business-critical work, your messages need to hit the mark, every time.

But, to be believable, your messages need to be based on real experiences, capabilities, and evidence. And they need to have substance and passion. 

We can help youOur tailored services range from consultancy support to content creation for tenders, bids, proposals, web, and marketing media. We can help you to fully understand your weaknesses, your strengths, and your competitive edge. Creating powerful messages to help you achieve the very best outcomes.

Drawing on over 30 years of construction industry experience, we’ve developed processes and skills which are transferrable to any sector.

Our results speak for themselves. In the last 15 years, we’ve helped win over £2billion of new contracts for a wide range of businesses. And we’ve developed strategies to help organisations improve how they work adding value to their services.

We can provide ad-hoc support, or, we can take the lead. It’s entirely up to you. Don’t wait until you think you need us, simply get in touch for a free initial consultation. No strings, just great advice.

Years of successful proposals

£ billion value of Contracts won

Strategic Analysis

Business is a journey. Before you can move forward, you need to understand where you are, where you want to be, and what your route looks like.

Otherwise, how can you gear yourself up with the right skillsets and equipment to reach your goal?

Let us be your guide. We've traveled your route before, so we know how to tackle even the most forbidding obstacles. We can help you set out on the right path, mastering the lower slopes before climbing to the summit.

Business Improvement

Customers want much more than just your core services. They want to know that you are aligned with them, that you understand their dreams, and that you are the sort of business that they want to be associated with.

That's why you need to constantly evolve.

We’ll help you to harness the experiences and knowledge of the people around you, identifying marginal gains and step changes that will hone your competitive edge.

Bid and Proposal Management

Tendering for work can be a minefield. You need to be agile, organised, and ahead of the game.

We’ll help you to target your resources on developing your offer to gain a competitive edge.

We'll help you to ask the right questions, (and stay silent on the wrong ones).

We’ll also work with you to identify and address risks and opportunities to maximum effect.

Writing and Review

In tenders, proposals and marketing media you need to engage your target audience with a great story. Your story.

Experts in producing copy and content, we’ll help you to plan and structure your written work, from storyboarding to final draft.

We’ll train, mentor and support you, critically reviewing your writing.

Or, we can do the writing for you.

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