Business Improvement

True success relies on keeping up with changing needs, attitudes and best practice.

We’ll help capture and manage the knowledge of your people, your suppliers, your competitors, and your customers. Then we’ll use it to help you develop simple, effective improvements which will help you to really stand out.

Business Improvement

Analysing your business, and your customers, to inform effective business growth and improvement strategies.

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Tenders, awards, funding, and great reputations are not won by simply providing a good product or service at the lowest price. Customers want to know about your capabilities, track record, and future plans. And they want reassurance that you understand their needs, align with their values.

Efficiency, sustainability, social value, inclusion, and diversity are critical success factors. You need clear policies, effective strategies and detailed evidence of your ability to deliver these benefits.

It’s easy to over-commit, try to bluff your way through or send the wrong messages. It’s even easier to undersell yourself. You probably don’t even know you’re doing it.

We bring a fresh perspective, helping you to understand your target audience and identify your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

Engaging with your people, and your suppliers we’ll harness their energy, unlocking game-changing facts and innovative ideas. 

Highlighting what you could do better, we’ll work alongside you to develop effective improvement strategies that will really help you to stand out from the crowd. We can also capture all your knowledge in clear, vibrant CV’s, case studies, and other content.

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Related Services

Expert Administrative Support

Well organised books, prompt invoicing and great data management form the foundation for any successful organisation.

We’re experienced in all aspects of office administration and data input, including using Capita SIMS, Sage, and Oracle.

We’ll help you get on top of everything, and manage it effectively so that you can spend your time taking your organisation to the next level. 

Bid and Proposal Management

Tendering for work can be a minefield. You need to be agile, organised, and ahead of the game.

We’ll help you to target your resources on pursuing the right prospects, developing your offer to gain the competitive edge.

We’ll also work with you to identify and address risks and opportunities to maximum effect.

Writing and Review

In tenders, proposals and marketing media you need to engage your target audience with a great story. Your story.

Experts in producing copy and content, we’ll help you to plan and structure your written work, from storyboarding to final draft.

We’ll train, mentor and support you, critically reviewing your writing.

Or, we can do the writing for you.

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