Writing and reviewing

You have a wealth of experiences, skills, and ideas. But can you turn them into a really good story which people will buy?

When you need to write your best story

We help you to transform your knowledge and ideas into a compelling story.  We can train your people to write. We can help you to develop win-themes and key messages. We can even write your story for you.

Most people can write factually accurate content. But turning your key messages into lively, engaging copy doesn’t come naturally.

Great copy is like a best-selling book. It draws you in…leaving you wanting more. Winners transform their knowledge, experiences, and unique selling points into great stories that really resonate with their audience.

We can help translate your ideas and experiences into a compelling story by;

  • Providing group training, or one to one mentoring for you and your people
  • Leading workshops which help you and your team to understand what story you need to tell 
  • Producing answer plans and storyboards
  • Critically reviewing your own copy
  • Writing copy for you.

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Setting the Scene for Success

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Knowledge Management

Do you want to make the most of your corporate skills and capabilities, and really resonate with your target audience?

We prepare you for success by helping you manage the knowledge held within your business. By capturing and clarifying the key experiences and skills of the people around you, we'll get you match-fit and ready for anything.

Proposal Development

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By challenging you to think outside the box, we'll help you to develop added-value proposals in a structured manner, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

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