Writing and reviewing

Everyone loves a good, memorable story that they can relate to.

Our planning and review processes support your development of win-themes and key messages which will resonate with the reader.

Or, we can take the lead and do the writing for you.

When you need to write your best story

Writing your story, to win business, awards or funding.

You offer amazing products, innovative services, and clever ideas, but can you write about them in an exciting way?

Readers may be familiar with industrial jargon or terminology, but that doesn’t mean that they enjoy wading through wordy tomes, trying to identify the benefits on offer.

Give them an easy read and they’ll love you for it.

We’ve been helping organisations to write successful submissions and proposals for years.

We’ll take the time to get to know you, and everything you do. Our workshops, research, training and mentoring will capture skills, ideas, and experiences, and balance them against the customer’s objectives and ambitions.

Crystallising what the customer wants to know, our structured answer plans will help you write proposals that meet their needs and breathe life into their dreams.

Critically reviewing your drafts, we’ll help you to polish your proposals into a compelling story that will resonate with any reader, leaving them hungry for more.

Or, we can do the writing for you.

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Related Services

Expert Administrative Support

Well organised books, prompt invoicing and great data management form the foundation for any successful organisation.

We’re experienced in all aspects of office administration and data input, including using Capita SIMS, Sage, and Oracle.

We’ll help you get on top of everything, and manage it effectively so that you can spend your time taking your organisation to the next level. 

Business Improvement

Customers want much more than just your core services. You need to constantly evolve to keep step with your competitors.

We’ll help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and to really understand your own people, and your customers.

We’ll harness the experiences and knowledge of the people around you, identifying marginal gains and step changes which will hone your competitive edge.

Bid and Proposal Management

Tendering for work can be a minefield. You need to be agile, organised, and ahead of the game.

We’ll help you to target your resources on pursuing the right prospects, developing your offer to gain the competitive edge.

We’ll also work with you to identify and address risks and opportunities to maximum effect.

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