“It’s a targeted opportunity for us. We’ll call you once the tender documents are published…”


Once the documents land, you’ll be shocked by the tight tender period. You’ll be wanting an extension of time and your team will be working some long days (and nights) to get the bid across the line. You’ll be all over the place sourcing information and evidence to support your bid. But then, so will all your competitors.

Won’t they?

The winners won’t.

The winners will have already begun. The winners have been tracking the opportunity, and know the prospective client inside-out. They’ve already teamed up with their suppliers and they’ve gathered intelligence. They’ve even spoken to all the stakeholders. The winners pre-empt the requirements, buying themselves time, and giving their people the space to think and the chance to shine.

The winners respect their people and empower them to balance their day-job and family life with the demands of the bid. Their people aren’t worried about ‘work’ during every waking hour, and so their imagination is free to run wild.

For the winners, the tender period is simply extra time which enables them to refine their collateral into a sharp, successful bid.

Be a winner.