Ahhh, the summer holiday period. That time of the year when the roads are quieter, and the office is quieter still.

If you are procuring a major contract or framework, surely now is the time to do it? And, don’t forget to set a really tight return date. Keep ’em lean, keep ’em keen.

You call the shots, remember.

But don’t worry, if you can’t get your procurement documentation ready in time for the end of August, give yourself a well-earned extension of time until just before Chrismas, when another window of opportunity will present itself.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell them how collaborative you are. Simply using the ‘C’ word will set the scene for a really successful contract which will certainly smash your programme, and cost expectations. Not.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The way you procure your contracts speaks volumes about who you are and what it’s like to do business with you. It also sets you up for a great, mediocre, or downright horrific, contractual relationship.

Your words can say one thing but if they are at odds with your time and deliverables expectation, you’ll deter the very suppliers that you want to work with. You’ll be left with those who will usually only bring you problems.

Your designer, or cost consultant will no doubt support you, but even their experience will not necessarily be enough. Because they are don’t think or work like the suppliers you wish to attract.

We can help you to prepare early. Because we understand how suppliers work, we can help you to ask the right questions and set reasonable timescales for the response. We can also help you to correctly interpret those annoying questions that bidders ask. Believe me when I say there is nothing more frustrating than a client who unwittingly misinterprets a question, provides the wrong answer and then simply refers requests for clarification to their original answer.

We can help to set you up for a successful relationship. That’s what you want. Isn’t it?

Don’t wait until you’re working on the next project, call us in now.

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