“It’s a price-only bid. They also want a couple of CV’s…so don’t waste too much time on them”
Price-only, eh?
So, why do they want CV’s?
Well, if the prices are close, then those CV’s will really come into their own.
Those CV’s could be your only chance at a sales pitch.
They could be your main differentiator. If, like many CV’s, they are just a list of jobs that your people have done for your company, then you’ll have wasted all your estimator’s time and effort.
CV’s should celebrate the unique experiences and skills of your key asset, your people. They should reach out to the customer and say,
“You know what? Our price may not be the cheapest, but you’ll be getting experts who will deliver exactly what you want, on time, on budget and without any nasty shocks.”
It’s never just about the price.