I have been privileged to have worked on successful bids for major rail, highway, water, power, and waste infrastructure projects. The challenges are varied, and I have often had fascinating, ‘behind the scenes ‘, insights into the development of major projects which benefit the UK economy.

More often than not I provide an extra pair of hands, supporting a client’s in-house resources to submit major bids. Often this involves reviewing the client’s own material, highlighting areas for improvement, chasing evidence and turning factual narrative into compelling copy.

But what I really look forward to are the opportunities to work with smaller companies, owner-operators and sole traders. These businesses are the beating heart of the economy. They are the reason why we invest billions of pounds into our national infrastructure.

Smaller companies find it tough to balance the delivery of their services against the resources required to grow. It’s so easy to waste time and money on bidding for the wrong opportunity (even if it seems right at the time). Sometimes the challenges can seem too great to overcome when you feel like a small fish in a big pond.

The thing is that, often, smaller companies have more to offer than their larger competitors, but they tend to focus on the negatives.

You can get ahead of the game easily. Don’t wait until the PQQ or tender lands because it’s so much more difficult to play ‘catch-up’ when the clock is ticking. Invest time and resources in knowing your business inside-out, and articulate the knowledge and passion of your people in a way that resonates with your prospective client.

The most rewarding feeling in the world comes when I can help a small, stretched team to achieve success. The depth of my experience enables me to help small businesses concentrate on proactively meeting their prospective client’s needs rather than simply selling what they think they do well.